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March 30, 2008

Trying out You Tube

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I am experimenting and looking for a video on you tube.


Reference to Leigh Blackball’s article

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In responce to Leigh Blackball’s article, I believe that there is room for short courses to be taught in the Fire Service or by the Fire Service as I do this currently when teaching “Fire Warden” courses in the Otago Region.

In time I would like to make a video to be viewed for demonstrating the extinguisher component of the course.

My impressions on Flexible Learning

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From my position in my role as a trainer for the Fire Service I have learnt to gauge the style of learners in my classes from audiual through to active which reminds me of my career in the learning stages through to my current position.

With the style of training that I deliver, it is a high component of practical learning so that they can take this into the role of Fire Fighter so we are limited in the field to offer the choice of styles that the students are usually comfortable with, but with more time allowances we end up with the same result, competent.  Achieving this is compromising the different learning styles as much as is allowable giving flexiblility.

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