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April 20, 2008

Flexible Learning

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As I am in a tight time frame for doing things in working hours, I have now got the oportunity to do some “Flexible Learning” away from the hustle and bustle, so Flexible Learning does have its advantages ūüôā So having time, I asked myself again and reflected on previous posts, what is flexible learning and what does it mean to me personnaly?? After some more consideration,Flexible Learning is offering students the flexibilitiy¬†to study, and learn, in their own time, hence here I am.¬† All students have different learning techniques and styles, so being able to¬†study at their convenience,¬†on¬†their personal or work timetable, and at their own pace, puts the responsibility back on that student to learn, (A course that needs to be looked at is time management for myself). Some students struggle¬†to learn in¬†a¬†sterile/stagnant environment of¬†a class room, ¬†therefore making it hard for the student to understand why they are failing at the course.¬† Some students learn better in a non-threatning environment, where they are not getting rushed through a subject by a course facilitator, teacher or trainer, whatever the learning environment may be. (who may be under pressure to get their¬†units taught in a particular time frame.)¬†

On reflection of my career, i am a flexible learner tutor, for the NZ Fire Service, so I feel very privileged to work with students from all walks of life, and different kinds of learning styles, and watching them grow with confidence, on the subjects we teach, to get them into the role of a fire fighter straight of recruit course or into the role of a fire warden for those public courses I teach.

From my charasmatic in my days at school, I  like many others, have some unhappy stories (some happy ones too), I could tell about the way I was taught and the teacher by whom I was taught in a style that did not suit myself , and unfortunately this still carries on, generation after generation and I like to think I am a teacher who  is to build the students confidence up again and get them to believe in themselves, and for them to realise that we all have different learning styles and learning methods.

Some of our students are visual learners, some of them aural,some just like to look at the books and get right into it, but in the end, the outcome seems to be the same.

I occassionally get to have one on ones with our students, and believe that giving them the direction of where the course in heading, and what is required of the student, giving them the time frame of the course and then being there to facilitate for them if needed is a great way to learn, which has positive spinoffs from the students.

I do agree that when a course is on-line that you do need a considerable amount of direction from the tutor, before you begin, and have  availablability of  face to face learning and approachability as well, should the going gets tough. I think the lines of communication need to be open all the time, and have a good help system available as well.

For recruit training, we are available more or less 24/7, so should there be an issue, we are available to try and get through the issues they have, and nine times out of ten, it is just a misunderstanding or clarification required.

I feel there is always a need for a  face to face (teacher/classroom) learning, but feel its good for the teacher to go to the students some time and really get to know the students situation/life and learning styles, especially as personal knowledge can help us prime them to there best potential to be a fire fighter.


as I am always learning, I have established a delicious account for my flexible learning course.







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