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May 4, 2008


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Here is a draft of my plan for my DFLP assignment.

I feel a little unsettled about this at the moment due to being a little bit behind the 8 ball with this course, and am doubting myself as how this plan is going to be actioned whilst training here in Rotorua and this plan is for the Training I do in Dunedin.  I am hoping to use cam studio (from good advice given to me here in Rotorua from work collegues, as long as I can get it to work through the NZ Fire Service network 🙂  ) to present and make this plan, but i feel I will need a lot of patience from my facilitators to get fruiticion out of this plan.

Project Title and Department:  Teaching Fire Warden Duties and Fire Safety to Businesses and Organisations in the Otago Region.

Project Leader:   Pete Douglas

Project Goals

Background Project:

This project is to be  undertaken because I feel there is a need within the New Zealand Fire Service Public Education Department to be provided with Public Education to Staff of businesses and organisations to offer a more indepth course than an overview course.  Part of our role is to provide free Fire Safety to members of the public under the NZ Fire Services Act 1975 Part 2 Fire Safety.  Also through the vision of Otago Fire Region of the NZFS where courses are being conducted currently, continue to provide the best upto date products maintaining a customer service and maintaining the knowledge on how to sell ourselves as well as our product as a professional organisation.

To orgainise this plan i am going to look on u tube to see if there are any NZ Fire Brigades already there to give me some ideas on best how to progress with this.  I also have been talking and working with National Headquarters in Wellington for advice.  Also I will be looking at NQF units to match up some qualifications with this i.e. explain principles of fire science that we can gather the knowledge so should they wish to be assessed against that unit standard, it may be applicable.  I am also looking at making up some quizzes and exercises as well. 

Some of the plan hopefully will be presented on line, but will also need to be face to face as well.

I have been reading a fair bit of literature on designing courses and there are just so many things to be considered

a)  Course Content is designed to have easy accessibility to the staff, i.e. handouts, using blackboard, vidoe, audio.

b)  Different learning styles of each staff member, i.e. kinesthetic, Interpersonal, intrapersonal, visual, Logically minded learners.

c)   Identify delivery method, write and develope the course, sourcing correct resources etc.

d)  find out about copy right permission from resources I have obtained

e)  Is the course content culturely sensitive to all parties

f)  Is the technology compatible to different venues.

Due to the amount of research I have to do I will continue to update this plan. Time for more resarch.


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  1. Pete your ideas are great! You have written a very thorough background abot the project. Remember for this course you only have to prepare a plan of how you will design your course/resources – not actually develop it all.

    you need to think about how you will ensure access and equity, sustainability etc as outlined in the FL plan template-

    some of this stuff we have still to cover in the next few weeks. (I will send the presentations on CD – have not forgotten.)

    Comment by bronwyn hegarty — May 4, 2008 @ 3:54 am

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