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August 27, 2008

Meeting with Leigh

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After catching up with Leigh on Tuesday26th August, I have discovered some of my short comings (luckily not too many). One is the confidentiality and copywrite status of some Fire service content and also the restrictions in place with fire walls. With these in mind my approach is to advance with the hope that whether the plan is implimented or not,to continue as if it will. Reality of being near the bttom of the food chain my say in utilising different sites as put forward by others to me, may be more adventurous, but maintaining positivity anything is possible.

Thanks for you time Leigh and I am in the process of my presentation of my plan, which hopefully will be in a powerpoint format with audial (firewall permitting).


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  1. Cool Pete. If you would like any assistance in presenting, or would like to invite me in after or before your presentation on a free consultation arrangement, I’d be only too happy. I could talk about the Polytechnic’s approach to public education, and highlight the national funding available for such things, and then hand it over to you to talk about specifics with the Fire Safety public education you are considering.

    Will you hold on to the 2 or 3 phase approach we discussed? There was the open access and online materials based on popular media sites like Youtube and others for people to go through as a package of pre knowledge. And then those who want to go further with it will nominate themselves to attend training in their local fire station.. the training in the station is assessed to Unit Standards and could be used for further training such as a phase 3 of Fire Warden etc

    Comment by leighblackall — September 1, 2008 @ 11:25 pm

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