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April 20, 2008

Why We Need Flexible Learning

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 Leigh Blackall’s articles on flexible learning

Differing views on flexible learning come to mind when I read article.  flexibility is a fantastic tool as it allows students to access information and study at their own pace I think there also needs to be some form of self discipline with the Fire Service, some pre course material is sent out in hard copy as well as information available online and self pacing is available to complete the pre course prior to attending the course itself, which usually compiles a practical component (needed for job skills in the job as a fire fighter) .  the instructor/trainer can hopefully have the relaxed thought  that the main points are covered in the pre course material and the students have a chance to discuss these prior to attending the course itself, thereby ensuring that when it comes to exams the main points have been covered and are understood, and less time is consumed on the subjects as is hopefully needed.
Cultural diversity, i.e. age, race or gender and can be a barrier to flexible learning, mainly because of the methods of education that people experienced in their learning lives. Concepts have changed from speak when spoken to, to, ask and open the mind to get clarification. This can be an issue where culture is not to question authority…

Do  we need more flexible learning options? Some would argue that there may not be enough discipline for some to get through the workload (I have days of lacking discipline myself sometimes, my time management is part of the reason, so am I badly self disciplined?) some argue it offers opportunities for students to study, work and play (maintaining a family lifestyle as well as work and study), can we have the opportunity for either/or? I think  as long as it creates a relaxed and happy enironment for the students, students will learn, in a  formal stuctured environment, whether at home, work or in the classroom, possibly reducing time to gain a qualification.

I personally believe that  recognition of previous learning that people have already undertaken is noted, and  qualifications issued with further instruction if needed on experience and RPL instead of having to re-do course complete content when it has already been achieved, alieviating the impact of “what a waste of time being here when I have already done this, why should I do this again and take so long to get this qualification?” attitude. RPL  will enables gaining the qualifications they want much faster and avoids negativity such as “This is old news. I already know this”.
The agument and debates will always be there especially as technology advances as to why we need flexible learning and how do we change to best suit the student and personally, with improving my self discipline, its a fantastic learning tool for our toolboxes, but variety must be blended to maintain a safe learning environments for all learning styles.





September 25, 2007

Graduate certificate, Adult Education – level 7

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I am a member of the New Zealand Fire Service, based at St Kilda Fire Station, Dunedin. I am at the rank of Senior Fire fighter, having passed the qualifications of Station Officer. I have been in the paid service for 11 years, and was a volunteer for seven years prior to that.

I am a public educator teaching fire safety to members of the public and organisations for the Fire Service.

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